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The Caretaker
Author: Dahlia Donovan
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Release Date: July 2017
ISBN: 9781925448924

Book 2 of The Sin Bin
Book Genre: GLBT

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The Caretaker

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Book Reviewed by Merissa (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Jul 14, 2017 ] - See all my reviews
THE CARETAKER takes us back to Cornwall, this time via Cardiff. Freddie has finally managed to leave home where his loving but interfering dads constantly try to suffocate him. Unfortunately, there are a couple of homophobic idiots living in the same house as him, and they delight in making his life a misery. This is something he doesn't need, not on top of his very stressful job. Freddie is the 'happy bunny' that was able to support Graham and BC through his cancer in The Wanderer. Of course, being a happy bunny for others doesn't mean that Freddie doesn't have deep emotions, it's just that he tries to keep everyone else's spirits high, to the detriment of his own at times.

Taine is one of BC's rugby buddies, and sees Freddie for the first time at the hospital as he drops in to try and cheer up the young children on the oncology ward. Taine is convinced that Freddie is too young for him, but feels an attraction to him anyway. The attraction only deepens the more time they spend with each other. However, the interfering dads strike again and it could all be over before it really got started.

With appearances from old favourites, there is an abundance of characters in this book that will delight and frustrate you. It is very well written, showing Freddie's depths of emotions plus everything else that he is dealing with too. Taine is a bit of a fool in parts of this, but to be fair, I could understand how he felt, given the insult that was thrown at him. THE CARETAKER is very well written, and draws you back into the world of The Sin Bin. Now we know what they are going to do with the name, so I'm sure it will be interesting reading in the future, to say the least!

Filled with humour and emotions, this book is a wonderful addition to both The Sin Bin series, and Dahlia Donovan's collective works. Absolutely recommended by me.
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