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Claiming Cupid
Author: Crymsyn Hart
Publisher: Changeling Press

Release Date: February 2017

Book Genre: Erotic Romance, GLBT, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

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Claiming Cupid

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Book Reviewed by BookAddict (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Jul 13, 2017 ] - See all my reviews
Deviant and dark, CLAIMING CUPID is a decadent look into the erotic world of Ms. Hart's mind. Krampus is the lesser known "Christmas" figure. He is the one who will punish all the bad little boys and girls. The world from his eyes is rather… illuminating. Santa Claus doesn't seem so good from Krampus' perspective. Perhaps it is my soft heart for the bad boy underdog, but I absolutely loved Krampus in this story. Even if he is a scary with an unusual army. Seriously, a gingerbread army who eat humans? And children no less? How… disturbing.

Ms. Hart is a writer who draws outside the lines. Her reinterpretation of Cupid and Krampus is erotically hot. Going into this story, it was a given that it would be a bit kinky. It is the dark cruelty balanced by the seductive erotic kink which makes this story a bit mind blowing. Did I mention the erotic kink? Krampus and Cupid definitely heat up the sheets in this deliciously D/s and a bit SM tale. My only complaint is the story is too short. I wish there would be a follow up.

From a character perspective, I liked Krampus more than I thought I would. He is lonely and isolated because he is deemed "evil". He is an enforcer and I like what he does. Sure he does intimidate and his enforcement methods are probably a bit serial killer type, but it makes sense. He rules through fear and he needs to, in order to keep all the evil children in line. But this doesn't mean he is without a heart and without the need for love. His interactions with Cupid are both humourous and arousing. A male who can make me laugh and turn me on? Winner! This erotically kinky tale is recommended to those who enjoy a short trip to the dark side.
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