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Sweet Tooth
Author: Jasmine Nightshade
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: January 2016

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance, GLBT

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Sweet Tooth

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Book Reviewed by Annette Gisby (author,reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Feb 29, 2016 ] - See all my reviews
Like the title, a sweet and sexy story about lost loves and second chances.

Micah has been estranged from his father for years, ever since his father threw him out the night he discovered his son was gay. He always thought they'd have time to reconcile, for his father to come to terms with the fact his son was gay. But his father's sudden death by a stroke soon puts paid to that idea. Micah misses the funeral by a couple of weeks. Guilt-ridden and aimless (for he has just been thrown out of art school) he heads back to his small home town of Fiesta, Florida. His father never liked flowers, so instead Micah goes to buy his father's favourite sweets from the new candy store, Sweet Tooth. And comes face to face with his high-school crush, Cash.

Cash has lived in Fiesta his whole life, has hidden who he is for that time too. Only too aware of the small town mentality, he is so far in the closet that he has almost come back out the other side. He dated women for a while, trying to keep up appearances, but his heart and other parts of his anatomy weren't in it. In the end he just gave up and settled on self-imposed abstinence rather than risk dating a man. And now the one man who could make his whole life unravel is standing in his shop and looking even better than Cash remembered.

But Micah is only passing through town and Cash is torn in two. He wants Micah, very badly, but he also doesn't want to be the subject of gossip from his neighbours and friends. He has a good life, if not emotionally satisfying. Can he risk it all on something that might only be a one-night stand anyway? Is Micah worth the risk? Can he have the reality rather than the fantasies he's harboured for so long?

Delicious, that's the one word that springs to mind when reading this book. Or that might be all the reference to candy and sweets. Micah and Cash both have different sets of baggage, both unsure if the other is even gay, if they like them like that and misunderstandings sometimes get in the way of their romance. The characterization is excellent and the setting itself seems at times to be a character of its own too. You can feel the Florida heat, smell the vegetation, see the surf pounding against the sand as the author has described things so well. The words are sparing, with just enough description to let the reader set the scene themselves.

We got the story from both Micah's and Cash's point of view, which I approve of heartily. It's good to get inside the head of each character. They both engender empathy and sympathy and I was rooting for them both to get their HEA. The love scenes are both tender and sexy, these are men who have waited years to finally be together, so you know it shouldn't be rushed. And it isn't, the pacing seem just about right for these two.

If you're looking for a sweet, sexy read, give SWEET TOOTH a go.
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