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Bound by Lies
Author: Lynn Kelling
Publisher: Forbidden Fiction

Release Date: August 2013
ISBN: 9781622341122

Book Genre: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, GLBT

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Bound by Lies

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Book Reviewed by Rain Hart (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Aug 19, 2013 ] - See all my reviews
Every once in a while, you're lucky to find a book that is so perfect, so incredible, such a sensory overload you feel like you'll never be the same again. It finds a way to touch you, move you, make you read it, breathe it, and devour every single word. I've been eager to experience it again. And, that's exactly what BOUND BY LIES turned out to be. Pure perfection - in m/m, S/m form. So hot it will leave you breathless.

After a few years of freedom in Florida, Brayden Clare is home again. Family emergency brought him back to the small town he grew up in, full of narrow-minded people, and endless gossip. He knows it better than anyone. Memories of constant bullying, pity and heartache are not helping, only making him feel trapped and lost all over again. Getting a much needed job as a bartender in Parrish Pub will turn out to be a life-altering moment, in a way Brayden couldn't have even dreamed of.

Jenner Parrish is the owner of the Parrish Pub. Only a year older than Brayden, he was one of the jocks that made Brayden's life a living hell in high school. Large, dominant, intimidating, he seems like he has it all. But the real Jenner is distant. Hiding behind the person everyone expects him to be and only letting two friends see what he's really like. Because Jenner has a secret - one he must keep no matter what. Or so he thought...

A masked BDSM ball is a perfect opportunity for both of them, in completely opposite ways, to find what they need and not worry about being seen or talked about - until they recognize each other. And, what's even more important, recognize that they can easily find what they are seeking IN each other.

Jenner is a Dominant. A sadist. Brayden is a masochist. But what starts as a fairly simple S/m play soon turns into a relationship that is so all-consuming and powerful it will irrevocably change them both forever.

Page after page, Ms. Kelling draws you more and more into the story. You'll easily fall in love with Jenner. His intensity and possessiveness are incredibly cute. You won't be able to resist Brayden. Once he finally finds a way to feel safe and calm, he'll turn out to be so much more than what he ever dreamed possible. The two of them together are simply perfect. I adored their power play. Sex scenes are so hot, it is unbelievable. Some of the hottest I've ever read, to be honest. But there's so much more than that.

This story is emotional and incredibly powerful. It will make you dizzy at times. It will make you want to see the happiest of all the happy-ever-afters. It will make you cry, smile, sigh and love.

Jenner and Brayden are amazing main characters. They are so different and so very much alike at the same time. Having a place where they're welcomed and accepted is the greatest luxury to them both. Finding that place once they come together, finding the person that completes them in each other, and feeling the need to protect that, even though they are afraid it may mean they'll lose their home, now THAT'S what love is. Following them through their journey, seeing them give each other strength and seeing the way they fight their demons, insecurities, life-long need to simply belong, and not be forced to hide... it all overwhelmed me, and kept me hypnotized.

This book is long. *Really* long, no doubt about it. And yet, I kept checking my progress, panicking a little bit more with each finished page, because I did not want it to end. I did not want to say goodbye to these guys. I was completely torn. On the one hand, I needed to prolong the reading as much as I could, because leaving Jenn and Bray was impossible to imagine. On the other hand, I wanted to devour it as fast as possible, just to see if they will finally find what they both needed most. Torture. Pure torture.

If m/m is your cup of tea, don't you dare miss this book. You MUST read it. Trust me, it's one of those stories that will stay with you forever. It will captivate you in a way you'll never want to let go. Just be prepared to lose your heart...

Ms. Kelling, you got yourself a fan for life!
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