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Places In Time
Author: Cardeno C.
Publisher: The Romance Authors, LLC
Release Date: July 2012
ISBN: 9781942184294

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, GLBT

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Places In Time

A relationship-challenged actor unexpectedly finds love in the arms of his childhood best friend.

"Sexiest Man Alive" and Golden Globe winning actor Ethan Baker lights up the screen but fizzles in his personal life. When his latest girlfriend breaks up with him, Ethan turns to his one "forever" person - Jude Harrison. But as Ethan makes the familiar drive to his best friend's house, an unexpected detour and a bewildering passenger take him through places in time he'd long forgotten. Suddenly Ethan sees Jude's actions over the years from a different perspective, but it's his own reaction that's the biggest surprise.

Word Count: 15,659
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Book Reviewed by Susan Mac Nicol (author,reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Jul 11, 2013 ] - See all my reviews
Good read, but there's the potential for more.

Ethan Baker is an actor, a desired, popular man who's earned the title of "Sexiest Man Alive", not bad for a boy once called "chubby and dull". He's made it in the big time and he has a lot of people to thank for that, including his best friend of twenty years,...

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