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Author: Katica Locke
Publisher: Shadow fire Press LLC

Release Date: September 2011

Book Genre: GLBT, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements


Can an incubus and a sexsomniac build a relationship based on sex and secrets?

When Roan Echarn, a young man with a terrible secret, accidentally steps off the train in Devaen, he is forced to put himself in the reluctant employ of Ishaan Darvis, a wealthy recluse whose tragic past is anything but secret.

Roan is an incubus--or rather, a victim of genetic incubism, forcing him to feed on sexual energy or die. Ishaan suffers from sexsomnia, a condition that causes him to seek out sexual encounters in his sleep, often with violent consequences. To prevent himself from hurting people, Ishaan must be locked in his room at night by a live-in employee--a dream job for a starving incubus, though Ishaan's distrust and self-loathing makes him a less than ideal housemate.

As months pass and Roan continues to feed on Ishaan in secret, dislike slowly turns to friendship, and then to love. Their lives have never been more perfect, but Roan is haunted by the truth of what he is and by the lies he's told Ishaan.

When a spring flood drives them from their home, Roan can't keep his secret any longer. Can their love survive such a breach of trust, or will an unspeakable act of spite and revenge mean the end of their happiness?
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Book Reviewed by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Jan 09, 2012 ] - See all my reviews
Although an incubus and a sexomniac might seem like a perfect match, when you add strong characters, stubbornness and buckets of self-loathing, it just might take them five hundred pages to end up together of their own conscious will.

For me this book was one of those intended to broaden my horizons and...

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