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Glad You Came
Author: Sara Brookes
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: September 2014
ISBN: 9781419992131

Book 4 of Geek Kink
Book Genre: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, GLBT, Ménage or more

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Glad You Came

Dade is painfully aware Tony and Genevieve are perfect for one another. He also knows he doesn't belong in their life, home or marriage. But they are unlike any couple he's been with before. They welcome him with open arms, determined to convince the broody Dom their relationship has plenty of room.

It was supposed to have been one night of unimaginable pleasure between three consenting adults. However, when morning dawns, a loving twosome has evolved into a scorching menage.

Time stretches on as, night after night, they come together in an incredible power exchange that leaves them all craving more. And burning hotter than they ever imagined. Even as secrets are exposed, the triad becomes an indestructible unit where the sex is twice as satisfying. And the love is three times stronger.
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114 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Delta (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Apr 01, 2015 ] - See all my reviews
There's nothing I like more than a yummy MMF ménage, and Ms. Brookes delivers in GLAD YOU CAME.

Genevieve and Tony Fitzgerald have been married for a few years, and their friend Dade Ellingson has been in love with them both for even longer. Silently stoic, Dade watches the couple who can't keep their hands...

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