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Transmutation - Zac Tremble Investigates (Series One Case Three)
Author: Chambers Mars
Publisher: The Carter Seagrove Project LLC

Release Date: June 2013
ISBN: 9781311186416

Book Genre: GLBT

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Transmutation - Zac Tremble Investigates (Series One Case Three)

Zac is on the case of Lionel Tewksbury, an old-school swindler who seems to be active again. The case introduces us briefly to DI James Capsicum and we come to appreciate Matt's fine qualities a little more. The upgrade of the office is completed and Zac and Mrs Chan go undercover.

It ends pretty well. Zac sells his painting, Lionel has a run in with a set of sharp teeth, Zac finds the heir Franks and in the process, comes across the street hustler, Paul, whom Zac takes on as his apprentice …

Transmutation is the 3rd Zac Tremble Case File in the series Zac Tremble Investigates; the case files of the gay, Soho-based PI Zachary Tremble. It follows, Metamorphosis, the second, and Chrysalis, the first. This case file is followed by case file 4, The Red Kimono. There are twelve case files in series 1. And if you can't wait for the first twelve cases to appear individually, then Jury's Out is also available – Jury's Out is the complete first series.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the story. Feedback is especially welcome, and I'm thrilled with the feedback I have received so far, thank you! I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please email me at:

And visit the website, for updates on the Zac Tremble Investigates series, the Life & Times of Johnny Santé series and other projects.

Thank you!
Chambers Mars
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