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Dust Jacket
Author: Alp Mortal; Chambers Mars
Publisher: The Carter Seagrove Project LLC

Release Date: May 2014
ISBN: 1515219585

Book Genre: GLBT

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Dust Jacket

In tracking down the serial killer Dust Jacket, DI Peter Nation appears to be thwarted at every turn; almost as if the killer were looking over his shoulder. Is the killer on the inside track or is Peter just blind to the truth?

DI Peter Nation has been investigating the serial killer Dust Jacket for the last fifteen years; the killer is elusive to say the least but the murder of victim number sixteen, the celebrated author Matthew Herringbone, brings Peter into contact with two people who provide a new insight to the case. Despite his diligence, Peter is struggling to the see things clearly; a case of not seeing the wood for the trees or is he just so weary that even the obvious answers appear as spectral as Dust Jacket himself?

When Derek, the murdered author's literary agent and Peter start an affair, it starts a chain of events which ultimately bring about the unmasking of the killer. New to the case DC James Capsicum provides a fresh perspective and suddenly all eyes are on the one person whom everyone has overlooked.

Dust Jacket is a collaboration between authors Alp Mortal and Chambers Mars. It is a suspenseful gay romantic thriller/murder mystery written for an adult audience. The project gave rise to the creation of a new author to carry future projects, Carter Seagrove. The Carter Seagrove Project has so far outputted The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries, collaboration with other authors, a new independent book store, a book circle and forum. The Carter Seagrove Project can be found at Mortal can be found at and Chambers Mars at authors, we both look for projects which will stretch our imaginations and styles and we both agree that Dust Jacket certainly did the job! We sincerely hope that you enjoy the story.

Alp & Chambers
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