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Tiger Pieces
Author: WE Coble
Publisher: MediaGenerationsPublishing

Release Date: September 2014
ISBN: 9780990664604

Book Genre: GLBT

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Tiger Pieces

Two men tied together by an inescapable fate. For one this means a sign of destined love, for the other a loss of control. When their fates intertwine at a Buddhist temple, will it unite them as one or drive them farther apart than ever before?

Vy Mueller has been searching for the right partner his whole life. Instead, he seems to only meet freaks, one-night stands, and married men. As he nears 40, he wants to finally settle down, but it looks more and more likely that he will be living out the rest of his life as an old spinster. Mom would not be proud.

Gordon Maybray is lucky to be alive. He barely escaped Vietnam with his life, and managed to get past his wounds, go to college, and come to terms with his gayness. He is looking for love, but has a problem with control, amped up when he was left for dead in a river in Vietnam 25 years ago.

When the two meet, Vy is immediately drawn to Gordon's icy-blue eyes and strong build. There is also something oddly familiar about the man—he reminds Vy of his childhood home in Vietnam, just before he and his family escaped the onslaught of the North Vietnamese Army, and just after his mother fished a dying soldier out of the river…

Tiger Pieces is a single tale told from two perspectives that converge in a powerful love story stretching 25 years. As the two men's fates begin to coil around the other's, their shared history becomes more and more unbelievable. The question is no longer, "Have they met before?" but rather, "How many times?"

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WE Coble (author)
Read Robin Kettering's 5 star review at Amazon
[ Posted: 2 years ago ]
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