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Tricia McGill
Tricia McGill (author)
Gender: Female


About Me

I was born in London, England, and moved to Australia many years ago, settling near Melbourne. The youngest in a large, loving family I was never lonely or alone. Surrounded by avid readers, who encouraged me to read from an early age, is it any wonder I became a writer? The local library was a treasure trove and magical world of discovery through my childhood and growing years. I'm unashamedly a dreamer who still dreams every night; snippets from those dreams have translated into ideas for some of my books.
Although my published works cross sub-genres, romance is always at their heart. I love reading and writing historicals and my other great passion, time-travels.


Reading, walking my dogs, working in my garden

Authored Books

A Call Through Time
by Tricia McGill

The Lord of Castlegrove Manor, heir to a vast fortune, is a studious History buff who loves reading about the years following the Roman occupation of Britain. Dissatisfied with running his extensive estate, a distraction from Bart's boredom is his erotic dreams. No woman...

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A Dream for Lani
by Tricia McGill

Lani Moore has led a sheltered life, cared for by her strict elderly aunt and uncle. On their death Lani inherits a considerable fortune. To get away from the man she after that fortune Lani flees Sydney for Victoria, where she opens a boutique in a suburban shopping mall....

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A Heart in Conflict
by Tricia McGill

Opposites attract, it is a well-known fact. At times this leads to insurmountable conflict, when at other times, sit back and watch the fireworks.

Steve Tanakis considers himself cool and calmly confident. Head of a fashion business, he needs to be in control...

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by Tricia McGill

Love comes in many guises. Although Amy cares for Tony, and in the small country town where they live they are considered a couple, Amy still carries a torch for Tony's older brother who spurned her adolescent avowals of love. When Andrew returns home, now a wealthy, prosperous...

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Amid the Stars
by Tricia McGill

Terrified, and in fear for her life after her husband, an undercover cop, is killed, Melanie Ross has nowhere to hide.
A squadron from a far planet visiting Earth on a reconnaissance survey prepares to leave, without one of their members who is dying of a virus....

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Distant Mountains
by Tricia McGill

In the prospering colony of New South Wales, could a convicted man consider marrying the daughter of a wealthy property owner? Forced to leave the woman he loves, Remy faces overwhelming odds and an ordeal that threatens to strip him of everything; his pride, strength, health--even...

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Kate's Dilemma
by Tricia McGill

What happens when two people who are both of the same mind--this being to steer well clear of emotional entanglements--are struck down by instant attraction.
Kate last met Liam when she was bridesmaid at her sister's wedding. A gangly, uncertain fourteen year old,...

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Laurel's Gift
by Tricia McGill

The plaintive singing of a ghostly child in the night sets off a chain of events that lead to Laurel learning the dark secrets that dwell in her Great Aunt Maggie's house in a Melbourne suburb. When Eli comes into Laurel's life, instead of instantly uncovering the secrets...

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Leah in Love (and Trouble)
by Tricia McGill

Leah is a landscape designer who inherited her love of gardening from her eccentric aunt. Contracted to work on the garden of Private Investigator Sean Russel, she unwittingly becomes embroiled in the handsome PI's cases. She becomes a party to such mayhem she is forced...

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Lonely Pride
by Tricia McGill

Sam fell in love with Mac when she was still a child and he a teenager. A special bond formed between them. By the time Sam reached seventeen she was in love with her hero, but one awful night he betrayed that love and Sam was unable to forgive him.

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