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Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek... sleuth?

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Manda (author)
Essex, UK
Gender: Female


About Me

I spent far too many years in the rat race, commuting to London and working in various senior management roles that I managed somehow to bluff my way into. Then I got the opportunity to spend my time doing what I really want to do - to write full time!

My books draw on my varied working career, my background in psychology, and my own personal experiences.

I live in the beautiful countryside of North Essex with my husband and two very nutty Irish Setters. Dogs and dog walking is another passion of mine, and walking gives me the thinking time to come up with plots. I'll often be seen dictating ideas onto my phone, casting an eye behind me to make sure no one's listening.

My No 1 fan is my gay son (every mother should have one!). My favourite pastime is on the rare occasions he's home, spending a late night chatting session where no subject is taboo and usually accompanied by a bottle of wine. Or two


Dogs, dog showing, reading reading and reading, horses and, of course, writing.

Authored Books

Close Protection (Blood Brothers #2) (1 review)
by Manda Mellett


In my line of work making a mistake could mean someone ends up dead.

I knew from the start I shouldn't have assigned myself to provide personal protection for the woman who's being stalked, but as soon as I met Mia, something about her calls...

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Second Chances (Blood Brothers #3)
by Manda Mellett


I've become that woman. The woman who lets herself fall under the spell of a man who only gradually reveals the monster that lies beneath his civilised veneer. By the time I realise I have get out of this abusive relationship, it's already too late. Ethan...

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Stolen Lives (Blood Brothers #1) (1 review, 1 comment)
by Manda Mellett

Blood Brothers - Wealthy sheikhs from Amahad and the men from Grade A Security who provide their protection, bound by ties closer than family.

Nijad - I'm a Sheikh, third son of the emir of Amahad, a small but powerful Arab state. After bringing shame on my...

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