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Karen Ann Dell
Karen Ann Dell (author)
Florida, USA
Gender: Female


About Me

Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland after finishing nursing school and did my anesthesia training at Johns Hopkins. Throughout those years I made up stories and stored them in my head until it got too crowded up there. I began writing for publication in 2010 and my first novel was released in 2014. Now that I work part time giving anesthesia, I am able to devote more time to writing. Look for my next Blue Point Cove novel in early 2015.


I love animals and currently provide a home for 5 rescued kitties. In my spare time I make jewelry, generally silver and copper with some bronze as well. I also love astronomy and am a big fan of Stephen Hawking and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Authored Books

Hers By Request
by Karen Ann Dell

The tragic death of Amanda's fiance in Afghanistan eight months ago sent her back to the cottage where she'd spent her childhood summers to heal her heart and start a new life. Her accounting business was off to a slow start and the summer cottage was losing the battle with...

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Hers By Request
by Karen Ann Dell

Hers by Request is the first in a series of contemporary romances set in Blue Point Cove, a small resort town on the Chesapeake Bay where there are two new residents, one shocking secret, and a boatload of guilt.

The tragic death of Amanda's fiance in Afghanistan...

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His by Design
by Karen Ann Dell

Zoe Silvercreek is determined to make Blue Point Cove a haven for artisans, and her gallery a showcase for their work. She's begged, borrowed, and bet her future on making her dream a reality. She'd better succeed because she's not about to forfeit what she used as collateral...

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Rehab for the Heart (1 comment)
by Karen Ann Dell

When fate dumps hunky Nick Collins on her Operating Room table after a critical injury, anesthetist Gwen Darling begins a reluctant journey to heal the scars on her heart left by her cheating dead husband. They both have serious trust issues, but their magnetic attraction...

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Theirs by Chance
by Karen Ann Dell

What are the chances that a woman running from a killer and an ex-soldier who couldn't protect his men would find safety and redemption in each other's arms?

Marjorie Matthews has hidden in plain sight for the past six years. She was now the proud, if secretive,...

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