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Heather McVea
Heather McVea (author)
San Antonio, Texas
Gender: Female


About Me

Heather is a bestselling author of urban fantasy, paranormal, and adventure laden romantic romps through any number of worlds. She was raised in a small town south of San Antonio, Texas. Prior to escaping to the big city, she raised Hampshire pigs, rode motorcycles at entirely too young an age, and once snow boarded behind a Ford pickup truck. She relishes a strong gin and tonic, or a well-made old-fashioned (but never at the same time). Heather and her wife have three furbabies, and divide their time between Texas and Maryland.

Authored Books

Becoming Forever
by Heather McVea

"Becoming Forever" is the third book in the "Waking Forever" series, Heather McVea's debut urban fantasy collection.

Homicide detective Ash Haines is not fazed by violence, but the brutal murder of a man covered in bite marks sends her spiraling into an unfamiliar...

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Coleen: Forever
by Heather McVea

Set four years after Dying Forever, Coleen: Forever is a novella that delves into the origins of the oldest vampire in the Waking Forever universe, the alluring, intelligent, and sometimes snarky Coleen Andrade.

Coleen has seen war, famine, death, love, magic,...

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Dying Forever
by Heather McVea

Return to the sinister and sensual underworld of San Antonio in "Dying Forever", the fourth book in Heather McVea's urban fantasy collection, the "Waking Forever" series.

As a down-to-earth professor of American folklore, Alison Bailey teaches her students...

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Ela: Forever
by Heather McVea

Monsters don't just happen...

Ela: Forever is the second book in the "Waking Forever" series, and the complete three part serial featuring the origin story of a favorite villain from Heather McVea's debut urban fantasy.

Ela Bauer has endured...

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Fallen Elements
by Heather McVea

A train ride, a beautiful woman, a possible romance... what more could anyone ask for? But there is magic in the air, old magic, and not everyone is happy about it. Ryan Myers' life is on the fast track with a new career, a supportive group of friends, and an easy going...

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Hidden Elements
by Heather McVea

In this sequel to the paranormal bestseller Fallen Elements, revisit familiar characters and meet new ones in a world rife with dark magic and spellbinding twists.

Elise Sullivan had always managed to balance the demands of her work and the challenges of being...

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November's End
by Heather McVea

Fate moves you - whether it's a gentle nudge or a violent push, your life is never entirely your own. Calina Konev is a gutsy and determined young woman, trying desperately to support her family in early 20th century Baltimore. Sparks fly when she meets her new co-worker...

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The Waking Forever Omnibus
by Heather McVea

The Waking Forever Omnibus includes all five books of the bestselling vampire series. The omnibus is a sinister and sensual romp laden with vampires, lycans, witches and shifters that takes you through the paranormal underworld, with heart pounding plunges into first love...

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Turn Darkly
by Heather McVea

"We're animals. No shame, no guilt - no sin..."

Astronomer Regan Andrews had not imagined the turn her life would take while working at the Addison observatory in remote West Texas. Focused on finishing her education and beginning the life she had been striving...

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Waking Forever
by Heather McVea

"Waking Forever" is the first book in Heather McVea's urban fantasy collection, also titled The Waking Forever Series.

Sara Glass, a successful thirty-five year old lawyer in San Antonio, leads a comfortable life. She is a partner at her law firm, a competitive...

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