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Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek... sleuth?

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Taking Her Innocence by Sam Crescent; Stacey Espino (Erotic - Top Pick)

Once Upon a Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt (Romance - Top Pick)

Alpha's Temptation by Renee Rose, Lee Savino (Erotic - Top Pick)

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Elizabeth Raines
Elizabeth Raines (author)

Gender: Female


About Me

Elizabeth Raines makes her home in Indiana. A fan of all genres of fiction, she enjoys blending her love of science fiction with romance in the books she writes exclusively for Siren Publishing. Her favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice and Love, Actually, and she spends far too much time watching shows like The Tudors and Mad Men. Elizabeth has been happily married for almost thirty years and tries to express that kind of enduring love in all her stories, hoping to help all her heroes and heroines have their own happily ever afters.

Authored Books

by Elizabeth Raines

When Hannah Bates helps foil a Dracorian attack on the planet Fraiqua, the Dracorians place a hefty price on her head. Captured by two bounty hunters, she faces death if delivered to her enemies. Can she convince her captors that revenge rather than justice awaits her if...

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By Male Order (1 review)
by Elizabeth Raines

In the wake of her abusive husband's death, Hope Adams has no wish to remarry, but is forced to admit she cannot run her farm alone. Desperate for help, she asks her clergyman uncle to send her two men, preferably the type that are more interested in each other than in any...

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by Elizabeth Raines

Crown Prince Jayce Cobmara has taken a lover-his bodyguard, Damian Scarpela. On a planet that oppresses women and persecutes any alternative lifestyle, the men steadfastly protect their secret relationship. When a woman stumbles across the lovers, they have no choice but...

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by Elizabeth Raines

Undercover agent Alayna Wilson agrees to genetic manipulation in order to infiltrate the chemical company believed to be providing the ingredients to manufacture patrile--the most addictive drug in the galaxy. However, she soon discovers that becoming Fraiquan is more than...

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Dirty Dancing (1 review)
by Elizabeth Raines, Cheryl Brooks, Mellanie Szereto

Close your eyes and picture bodies swaying to a rhythmic beat. Watch as flashing eyes promise delights beyond imagination. Experience the electricity sparking between dancers as their bodies collide. Feel hearts pounding with sexual excitement. Listen to their sighs as desire...

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Entanglements (1 review)
by Elizabeth Raines, Cheryl Brooks, Mellanie Szereto, Bethany Michaels, Nikki Hayes, Annie Morgan

Handcuffs and neckties and belts, oh my! Many may fantasize about being bound while their lover has his or her wicked way with them, but when faced with the opportunity, would you trust your partner enough to relinquish all control? Or would you prefer to be the one in charge?...

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Locked In
by Elizabeth Raines

Leesa Bouchard hires pilots and fellow wranglers Cain Hammel and Geoff Adams to share her lucrative mission--to bring the Dreaming Death virus from the barren planet of Charos in the war torn Rhotan System to Virus Initiative Corporation on Earth.

On their...

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by Elizabeth Raines

Marooned on a tropical moon with two handsome men--one her Earth Bureau of Investigation partner--Betinsa Nungio faces the comchi, the time in her species' lives when they must take mates or risk death.

Agent Matt Newton has hidden his attraction to his partner....

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Mistletoe & Menage (1 review)
by Elizabeth Raines, Cheryl Brooks, Mellanie Szereto, Bethany Michaels, Nikki Hayes

Are there visions of sugarplums dancing in your head? Or are you wishing for a package filled with hot, sweet love for Christmas? If so, then be sure to check your stocking for the latest installment of the Sextet Anthologies, Mistletoe & Ménage.

The Sextet...

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Occupational Hazards (1 review, 2 comment)
by Elizabeth Raines; Cheryl Brooks; Mellanie Szereto

Another day, another dollar...until love pops in to spice up the workday drudgery. You never know when that person--or persons--working alongside you will suddenly strike your fancy, or when a client will become so much more than a client and the sexual tension will skyrocket....

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