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Snowbird Season. Seasons Series #2. Has Kelly finally found her own damsel?

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Alpha's Temptation by Renee Rose, Lee Savino (Erotic - Top Pick)

Pepper's Journey Home by Maia Dylan (Erotic - Top Pick)

Viktor by Sarah Marsh (Romance - Top Pick)

LUST by Emma Hart (Erotic - Top Pick)

Outlaw's Honor by B.J. Daniels (Romance - Top Pick)

CaSondra Poulsen
CaSondra Poulsen (author)
Nebraska, USA
Gender: Female

Blog: http://www.casondrapoulsen.wor...

About Me

I was born in St. Louis and grew up in Fredericktown, Missouri; a small town southwest of St. Louis. My grandma lived in the neighboring town, where my fondest childhood memories were created. She taught me to sew, can food, and how to make the best pumpkin pie. She was wonderful and an incredibly terrific example of whom I wanted to become as a woman. Torn Hearts is a tribute to her.

In 1990, I married my high school sweetheart, and two years later our first son arrived. We moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, in December 1993, where Steve accepted his first post-college job as an electrical engineer. Later in 1994, our youngest son completed our family. I was blessed to be able to stay home with them. As June 1998 drew near, we packed up and moved to East Amherst, New York, where Steve attend SUNY and worked for Intel. In June of 2001, we moved back to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Through the years, I have been a piece-worker at a garment factory, a cashier, technician in a photo lab, manager of a video store, dental assistant and assistant office manager at a dental office. But my most worthy endeavor has been raising two sons. They are incredible young men.

As January 2009 rolled around, Steve and I were talking about the dreams we had way back when. I told him about wanting to be a writer and pulled out some of the poetry I had written years ago. After having a good laugh, he suggested I go for it. Shortly after that evening I started Torn Hearts. My family has been encouraging and wonderfully supportive; a wife and mother could not have asked for more.

Currently, I am finishing up my second novel, loving life, and preparing for an empty nest as my sons venture out into the world.


I enjoy a vast array of hobbies, from designing and making jewelry to scapbooking. In the Fall and Winter I like to crochet, although my skills are rudimentary at best. My quilting and sewing are more accomplished, but not practiced much as of late.

As far as cooking goes, it is a necessity and one that I have gladly turned over to my husband since he has decided to spread his culinary wings.

Authored Books

Calling Me Home (1 review, 2 comment)
by CaSondra Poulsen

From the author of Torn Hearts comes another moving love story, Calling Me Home. CaSondra Poulsen once again tugs the heartstrings and reaches the powerful emotions that call us home.

What will your answer be when your heart calls you home


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Finding Home: Brian's Journey (1 review)
by CaSondra Poulsen

Finding Home: Brian's Journey is the sequel to Calling Me Home. Brian's story was just beginning as his sister Samantha's came full circle. Now as Brian returns to his military career in a training unit outside of Huntington Beach, California, the transfer offers him the...

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Torn Hearts, A Novel (29 comment)
by CaSondra Poulsen

Caroline and Daniel have been drifting apart. Leaving on frequent business trips, Daniel shows little affection for his wife. When the failing marriage leads to suspicions and unfulfilled needs become a longing for more, Caroline struggles to mend Torn Hearts.
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