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Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek... sleuth?

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Bethany Claire
Bethany Claire (author)
Texas Panhandle
Gender: Female


About Me

My love of storytelling has been a life-long passion. Even in my toddler years, I would sit down with anybody that would listen and theatrically tell them fairytales as if sharing life-saving information.

As I grew, I began creating stories of my own but, convinced it would serve me best to follow a "conventional" career path, I tucked them away and went off to college.

Fast forward four years and about six major changes later, I realized the stories simply were not going to stay tucked away. Six months away from graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, and growing more miserable with every day that brought me closer to a career I truly didn't want, I finally realized writing was the only career that was going to make me happy.

So, one day in the middle of a summer education course, I got up in the middle of class and walked to the Registrar's office and withdrew from the university on the spot. Since then, I have devoted myself to writing full-time and am following my dreams.

She lives in the Texas Panhandle with her two loyal and perfect dogs, Charlie and Flag.


Travel, Reading, Hanging out with Friends, Watching Movies, Playing with my Dogs, Organizing (sounds crazy, but I'm an organization freak)

Authored Books

A Conall Christmas - A Novella
by Bethany Claire

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Although this can be read as a standalone novella, it could more accurately be described as Book 2.5 of Morna's Legacy Series. It is highly recommended that you start your reading with Book 1 in the series, "Love Beyond Time," followed by "Love Beyond...

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Love Beyond Hope
by Bethany Claire

Love is the most powerful kind of magic.

Baodan McMillan values many things in life: friendship, loyalty, kindness, but certainly not love. After the tragic death of his wife many years ago, he hardened himself to the idea of giving his heart to another. There...

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Love Beyond Reason
by Bethany Claire

It all started with a spell.

Arran Conall lives with the consequences of his foolishness daily, his mistakes guiding him into darkness. He had no way to know that his beloved would fall prey to the ancient magic that awaited Blaire on the day he'd sent her...

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Love Beyond Time
by Bethany Claire

It began nearly four hundred years ago. The Conall clan and all their people were murdered in a surprise attack, their beloved castle and all evidence of who destroyed them burned to the ground with their bodies. In the centuries following, archaeologists searched through...

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