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Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek... sleuth?

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Anne Carlisle
Anne Carlisle (author)
Key West FL
Gender: Female

Website: http://www.absolutelyamazinge...

About Me

Dr. Anne Carlisle is the author of BIRDWOMAN: Memoirs of a Lovesick Siren (Volume 1, Diaries of a Siren), published March 2016 by Absolutely Amazing eBooks. Anne Carlisle holds a doctorate in 19th Century British Literature from Case Western Reserve University. Currently an online Professor at University of Maryland, UMUC, she teaches college writing worldwide to U.S. military students. Formerly she served as a dean for Golden Gate University in San Francisco. While working as a newspaper columnist, magazine editor, and theatre reviewer, she authored a book on writing and hundreds of articles. Her homes are in Key West and the Pacific Northwest.

Authored Books

BIRDWOMAN: Memoirs of a Lovesick Siren (1 comment)
by Anne Carlisle

BIRDWOMAN is paranormal romance with cross-appeal for classical readers and science fiction buffs.
The year is 2016; the place, a remote Wyoming village haunted by events from homesteading days. Destiny Dragoman, a siren-in-human-form, is writing her memoirs in the...

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by Anne Carlisle

THE SIREN'S TALE is a new take on paranormal. It's 1900 in the Old West, where we follow the romantic history of an American siren in love. Consider the plight of a smart young siren in gorgeous human form seeking a life of passion . She has a voracious sexual appetites...

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The Soul Mate by Kendall Ryan (Erotic - Top Pick)

Worth the Wait by Lori Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

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Nevernight by Jay Kristoff (Romance - Top Pick)

The Chase by Vanessa Fewings (Romance - Top Pick)

Tempting Their Best Friend by Sienna Matthews; Madison Blake (GLBT - Top Pick)