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Terri George
Terri George (author)
London, England
Gender: Female

About Me

I've been writing for years now, mainly plays and poetry. I've won some competitions and had a short comedy performed at The Bush Theatre in London and my poetry has been published in several anthologies.

Like many people I've started several novels and never finished them − I stalled at around 30,000 words with the last one. Then I discovered erotic romance...

Having read a few and loving the genre I thought... I could do that... couldn't I? And you know what? I could − and I have.

I had an absolute blast writing, Beguiled − the first instalment of The Frost Trilogy − and before I knew it I'd written 161,000 words.

At last, I've found my niche, my genre, my passion.


Books are my biggest passion so any spare time I have when I'm not meeting up with friends is usually spent in front of my laptop or reading.

My other love is movies, especially all things Marvel - Loki... Yum...

Is it just me, but Loki in a suit in Avengers Assemble I couldn't help but think... Gideon Cross!

Authored Books

Beguiled: The Frost Trilogy # 1
by Terri George

Mia James' first solo event is going live and she's nervous - the fund-raising dinner for The Project's new rehab centre is a major do. The evening is going well and she's beginning to relax; if only she could shake off the inexplicable feeling she's being watched...>> Read More

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