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Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek... sleuth?

Royally Endowed by Emma Chase (Romance - Top Pick)

The Alibi by Marilyn Baron (Romance - Top Pick)

Gone in the Night by Anna J Stewart (Romance - Top Pick)

Tannin's Thunderbolt by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Once Upon a Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt (Romance - Top Pick)

Tempting Their Best Friend by Sienna Matthews; Madison Blake (GLBT - Top Pick)

Undeniable by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Royally Mine: 22 All-New Bad Boy Romance Novellas by Susan Stoker, Nikki Sloan, Katy Regnary, Annabel Joseph, Renee Rose (Erotic - Top Pick)

Nina T.
Nina T.
Gender: Female

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About Me

Hi & welcome! My name's Nina and I love to live vicariously through romance novels! Throughout the years, I've read & loved many sub-genres of romance including erotic romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, historical romance as well as erotica.

I deal with the stresses of life by immersing myself in a good story. Romance to me is the ultimate escapism and comfort read. I love knowing that no matter what happens in the story, there's always a guaranteed happily ever after. :)

Reviewing books is just one of my hobbies. I'm just an average reader who loves to read & I started my blog as an outlet for me to share my honest thoughts and opinions on books with anyone willing to listen. I also hope to introduce new books & authors to readers as well because there are many great books and authors out there!

Happy Reading!

The Game by Vanessa Fewings (Romance - Top Pick)

Forged Alliances by Katherine McIntyre (Erotic - Top Pick)

Ryder by BJ Wane (Erotic - Top Pick)

How to Date a Douchebag: The Learning Hours by Sara Ney (Erotic - Top Pick)

Seeing Red by Sandra Brown (Romance - Top Pick)

Out of Time by Melissa Klein (Romance - Top Pick)

Married in Montana by Jane Porter (Romance - Top Pick)

Mad for the Marquess by Jess Russell (Romance - Top Pick)

Chosen by the High Judge by Jaye Peaches (Erotic - Top Pick)