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Liz Winters
Liz Winters (author)
Illinois, USA
Gender: Female


About Me

Hi, I'm Liz Winters and I write m/m romance and gay fiction for both mature and YA audiences. Although I wish I could write full time, unfortunately I spend my days in a corporate cubicle, watching the clock and waiting for that magic hour when I can head home and get back to writing my stories. When I'm not writing, I'm often reading, and if the book on my kindle isn't m/m romance or gay lit (or, on occasion, gay themed non--fiction with some Porn-Without-Plot homoerotica thrown in for research purposes only *wink, wink* - lol!), then it is most likely something about zombies. I'm also a bit of a movie and TV junkie and I love to travel with my husband of 15 years around the United States, the Caribbean and Europe.

My reading and writing crosses subgenres, but I prefer contemporary stories and I don't necessarily need a happy ending, just the right ending. I like characters who feel real, which means that they are usually slightly flawed. I'm a sucker for a main character who is a little bit insecure, whether he has reason to be or not.

I value reader feedback and hope to hear from readers at I'm also very grateful for all constructive reviews. However, I have a policy of not responding directly to reviews, good or bad, so if you have a question that needs a response please contact me via e-mail.

Where to find me on-line: Website:
Twitter: lizwintersmm
Amazon Author Page:
Smashwords Author Page:

Authored Books

Handle With Care
by Liz Winters

If he didn't have bad luck with men Dean would have no luck at all, so he's surprised when he finds himself inviting a handsome tree lot operator he'd just met over for a Christmas Eve dinner. He's even more surprised when Gabe accepts the invitation. Will this just be two...

>> Read More

Lakeside Reunion
by Liz Winters

Chris, Sean and Tim: three former college roommates who reunite for a relaxing weekend at a lake house. When they discover that they have all been hiding secrets, will the revelations damage their friendship or will sparks turn into flames at their lakeside reunion? >> Read More

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