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A Momentary Marriage by Candace Camp (Romance - Top Pick)

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Kat Barrett
Kat Barrett (author)
Connecticut USA
Gender: Female


About Me

I have always loved to read, but 11 or so years back needed surgery to replace a disk in my neck. While trapped in the house for seven weeks afterwards, I had a great idea for a book, and decided to write it down. I soon learned how bad my grammer had digressed since I was in school :)
I have published the first five books from The Tazarian Saga, but I have since veered away from working on those. My style of writing has changed, and my grammer has improved. I also found that I loved writing odd twists on Erotic Romance.
I live in my small home with my husband of many, many years. Given a chance, I will sit all day and write because I often have no idea what is going to happen until it the characters' cause it to happen.


I'm big into animal rescue, and belong to a group named Basenji Rescue And Transport. I paint, airbrush and recently my husband built me a trike because I can no longer ride a two wheel motorcycle because of bad knees. I have been known to dabble in other forms of art, jewelry making, sculpting ect.I also enjoy gardening and watching nature.

Authored Books

3 Shades Of Wolf
by Kat Barrett

Ever Wilson is mourning the tragic death of her parents. Her boyfriend has walked out on her, and she had been left alone with no family to rely on. She is also secretly dealing with the changes in her body after being bitten by a werewolf named Carmen. Carmen, however,...

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5 Days Her Avatar Nightmare
by Kat Barrett

Echo and her sister Melissa are trying to rebuild their lives after a tragic house fire took not only everything they have ever known, but also their parents. In an attempt to begin again, Echo has purchased a new house for them to live in and items to fill it.
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Angel's Surrender
by Kat Barrett

Angel Arts is a woman with a secret past. Gavin Marolf is a tall, amazingly muscular biker in a local gang that Angel has done artwork for. Gavin seems like the man of her dreams, other than his variety of unusual personal habits. When Gavin explains that he is actually...

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Ashes To Ash
by Kat Barrett

Grey wants to claim Mara as his own, but when he does, things don't quite go as planned.

Mara met Grey years before. He's trouble, in and out of jail, the personification of a bad boy. Yet, the attraction between them is unmistakable.
There's only one...

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Capturing Their Wild Hearts
by Kat Barrett

When two stunning twin aliens lay claim to her, can Elinah possibly challenge death to win the beautiful future that is so briefly dangled before her eyes?

Elinah is middle aged, divorced, and facing her death in secret as terminal cancer consumes her. She...

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Claiming Emerald
by Kat Barrett

Emerald Slade is enjoying her life with Rory Laroche, Sylvester "Salt" Angelicas Lancaster Trantono, and the shifter Russell Cane. Winter is raging around them and the power sources at her fortress are failing. When Em is charred by the sun, she may be forced to give up...

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Club X-Dare
by Kat Barrett

Sam Bell is a manager in an insurance firm by day, but spends her nights as a lead at Club X-Dare. She is a woman who likes to be in control, and most men who submit themselves to her skilled hands end up crawling at her feet.

Brian Kylie, aka Condor, owns...

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Compelled The Secrets Of Dragons
by Kat Barrett

Louisiana Arius is looking for true love, but it has eluded her. During bike week, she meets Alex and Eric Haleey.

Alex and Eric are married men, but eagerly looking for a woman to complete their lives.

They are stunning men and, despite her...

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Devotion Of The Twin Alphas (1 review)
by Kat Barrett

Just after midnight on her twenty-fifth birthday, Royal discovers her entire life has been an arranged lie. She's not human. She's something else entirely. To make things worse, she is then kidnapped by the very parents who deserted her as a child and taken to a strange...

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Eternally Yours
by Kat Barrett

The war with the high vampire governors is over. But Queen Emerald "Em" Slade has been betrayed by her maker, Joel Cast. She has been warned that he has lost his soul, and Em knows that as long as he lives, they are all in danger.

Emerald and her mates, vampires...

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