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Isabo Kelly
Isabo Kelly (author)

Gender: Female


About Me

Award winning author Isabo Kelly has a gypsy soul, which she's indulged wholeheartedly over the last fifteen years, living in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Germany, Ireland and New York. There's no telling were she might end up next (though Italy keeps coming up in conversation). After finishing her Ph.D. in Zoology in Ireland, she buckled down to concentrate on writing. She's published numerous science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance novels, short stories and novellas. Her work has been short-listed for many awards, and reviewers have used words such as fast-paced, passionate, emotion-filled, adventurous, and page-turning to described her stories.

Isabo currently lives in New York City with her brilliant Irish husband, her adorable son, and her mad dog. You can visit Isabo at her website or email her at She loves hearing from readers.

Authored Books

Bonfire Night
by Isabo Kelly

Since last Samhain night, Tabitha Reed, a green witch living in Ireland, has enjoyed erotic interludes with a man she encounters only in her meditative visions. And because these meetings aren't real, she feels free to be herself and indulge in every wicked pleasure he offers....

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Brightarrow Burning (3 comment)
by Isabo Kelly

War tore them apart. Betrayal could bring them together...

Layla Brightarrow's world fell apart the day the Sorcerers invaded her city, intent on using her fellow humans' pain to augment their spells. Worse, the neighboring elven kingdom declared neutrality,...

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Christmas Help Her
by Isabo Kelly

Paige Rogers is overworked and exhausted from trying to make her dream of running an art school come true -- so exhausted she hasn't even managed a sexy thought in longer than she can remember. And she's supposed to be in her sexual peak!

Then she finds a...

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Destiny's Seduction
by Isabo Kelly

Arlana Von Fordin knew when she met Lord Commander Oric of Browan that he would help unearth the mystery behind her birth -- a birth foretold in prophecy. But the feelings Oric unlocks in her force Arlana to confront her heart and face a dream that could cost her soul.>> Read More

Destiny's Seduction
by Isabo Kelly

She holds the fate of the world in the palm of her hand.

Arlana Von Fordin grew up knowing she was born to fulfill a prophecy. The pressure of her unknown destiny weighs heavily on a young woman who just wants to be normal. Then her future arrives in the form...

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Fang Bangers
by Rebecca Leigh; Jeremy Wagner; Lucy Felthouse; Isabo Kelly; J.G. Faherty; Elizabeth Thorne; Jan Kozlowski; Lois Gresh; Cecilia Tan; Gina McQueen; Dana Fredsti; Melanie Thompson; Sascha Illyvich; Kilt Kilpatrick

FANG BANGERS collects 14 hot stories of fanged and clawed love and lust - Vampires loving shape shifters, werewolves lusting for fairies and every creature imaginable with the girl next door!
It's a collection of the ultimate taboos.

Erotic super star...

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Lady of the Herd
by Isabo Kelly

When Grace Newman is approached in the woods by a mysterious stranger who tells her she's a missing faery, she thinks she's gone insane. But her attraction to Diarmaid is impossible to resist. And when she starts to know things about this other woman, she can't help but...

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Marshall's Guard
by Isabo Kelly

When Lieutenant Leia Ballore is sent to collect stolen cargo recovered from pirates, she never expects to meet the man of her dreams. But Detective Jake Marshall is off limits. He's been kidnapped from twentieth-century Earth, brought 3000 years into the future to a galaxy...

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Siren Singing
by Isabo Kelly

She is a Siren, capable of driving men mad with her song.

Sonia has been preparing for her marriage to Vander since before her father announced their betrothal. Their marriage will unite their homeworlds against a common enemy, and Sonia has done everything...

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The Darkness of Glengowyn
by Isabo Kelly

They'll risk forever death for one last chance together...

Nuala of Glengowyn hasn't left her home city in over a century, but not by choice. Her skill as a weapons master has made her a prisoner of her people. Held apart, protected in the extreme--until Sorcerers...

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