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Some Kind of Hero by Suzanne Brockmann (Romance - Top Pick)

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Desiree A. Cox
Desiree A. Cox (author)
Gender: Female


About Me

I'm an Erotica/Erotic Romance author. (Yeah, I write the schmexy stuff – romance, hot sex, suspense, relationship drama, menage).

My author journey officially began Dec 13, 2014, when my debut title, Twisted By Desire - book 1 in the Lust, Desire, and Love Trilogy - went live.

I was born and raised in Iowa, and now live in Delaware.

I've been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over twenty-five years. And I'm the mother of two sons and a daughter.

In addition to writing, I work full-time.


My passions are traveling and spending time at the beach with my husband.

I love adventures and love trying new things.

Authored Books

Deviant Dream
by Desiree A. Cox

All Taylor wanted to do was go home after her long shift. First the tire blew out, then her cell phone battery was dead. Her night had become a complete disaster.
Her choices were limited - she could walk to a convenience store a half mile away in heels, or go a few...

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Fantasy Come True
by Desiree A. Cox

*** There is new bonus material included in this stand-alone version. ***

While on vacation, Gavin and Chloe ensured Las Vegas' nickname 'Sin City' continued to hold true.

The temperature wasn't the only thing hot as they pushed their sexual...

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Jaded By Desire
by Desiree A. Cox

Nikki's life was changing. She was in love, she was getting married, and she was going to have the baby that she never expected she'd have.

Everything was perfect.

Or was it?

Nikki's love will be tested. Can their love survive...

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Lust, Desire, and Love Trilogy box set
by Desiree A. Cox

This trilogy will take you on a journey through Jeff and Nikki's relationship from the time they met. Being together long-term is in question because Nikki still loves her ex, Sky. What a sticky love-triangle (2015's Best of the Best Favorite Love Triangle - 2nd place)....

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No Remorse
by Desiree A. Cox

Playing with fire can get you burned ... or killed.

Chase Effridge, the handsome young playboy/college professor, is dead. A devoted and faithful husband he was not. Professor Effridge led a secret life, where mistresses and enemies were no strangers to him....

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Poly Amore
by Desiree A. Cox

I call him Daddy, he calls me baby girl.

I don't wear a wedding ring, but my heart belongs to him.

We joined souls, for a lifetime commitment, at a private collaring ceremony, not an expensive wedding. Zander's wife, Patty, was present, and...

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Reclaimed By Desire
by Desiree A. Cox

Heartbreak has stripped every last one of Jeff's walls completely down. His emotions are at their peak, and raw.

He's willing to put everything on the line for the sake of his one true love, Nikki.

He'll stop at nothing to make sure she knows...

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Twisted By Desire
by Desiree A. Cox

Sky, Nikki's ex-husband, has a hold on her heart.

Jeff occupies her thoughts.

Sky can provide Nikki unconditional love.

Jeff can offer her everything she thought she wanted.

Nikki is so confused! Her head's...

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Unselfish Love
by Desiree A. Cox

They had the perfect storybook love.

He was the perfect husband. Dillon's love for his wife, Nadia, grew stronger every day. As they approached their sixth year of marriage, they still felt like they were honeymooners. He wanted nothing more than to make...

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