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Snowbird Season. Seasons Series #2. Has Kelly finally found her own damsel?

Raise the Curtain by Kirby Hall (Romance - Top Pick)

Eyes On You: A Blasphemy Novella by Laura Kaye (Romance - Top Pick)

Over the Ivy Wall by Rosa Sophia (Romance - Top Pick)

His Human Vessel by Renee Rose (Erotic - Top Pick)

Sold by Doris O'Connor (Erotic - Top Pick)

The Wright Mistake by K.A. Linde (Romance - Top Pick)

The Knight's Scarred Maiden by Nicole Locke (Romance - Top Pick)

Secrets, Lies & Revelations by Pamela L. Todd (Romance - Top Pick)

Second Heart by Zaide Bishop (GLBT - Top Pick)

Spanked Into Submission by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Irrefutable by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Captive of the Corsairs by Elizabeth Ellen Carter (Romance - Top Pick)

Third Wave by Zaide Bishop (GLBT - Top Pick)

The Chase by Vanessa Fewings (Romance - Top Pick)

The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely (Romance - Top Pick)

Some Kind of Hero by Suzanne Brockmann (Romance - Top Pick)

The Lost Letter: A Victorian Romance by Mimi Matthews (Romance - Top Pick)

Our War by Sam Crescent (Erotic - Top Pick)

Cheryl Phipps
Cheryl Phipps (author)
New Zealand
Gender: Female


About Me

As a young mother with three small children, Cheryl Phipps escaped the daily chaos of motherhood through her beloved romance novels. She loved being whisked away from nappies and wiping noses to exotic locations filled with suave heroes and feisty heroines, and wonderful small towns with heart-warming tales of strong family ties and life-affirming true love.
Her bookshelves still hold those favorite authors – Nora Roberts, Marian Keyes and Cathy Kelly – plus new-found favorites who write stories that echo Cheryl's own values: family always comes first and life's struggles and challenges are always surmountable through love.
Cheryl's three children have now grown up and have families of their own, leaving her free to pursue her dreams of writing novels. She lives in a quiet suburb of New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, with her wonderful husband, who she married the moment she left school (yes, they were high school sweethearts), and their turtles Rose and Jade. She enjoys taking walks with her husband, dinner out with friends, and, of course, weaving sensual stories that celebrate the joy of love, family and resilience.


I love reading, football (soccer), dining out and family get togethers.

Authored Books

Adam and Eve
by Cheryl Phipps

Eve Conroy is heading home, tail between her legs and her big fat divorce pending. She'll be starting from scratch, her self-confidence is zilch and she hates the idea of returning a failure. Let alone worrying about how she's going to support two kids by herself. What she...

>> Read More

Bend But Never Break (1 review, 1 comment)
by Cheryl Phipps

A desperate mother's search
Talia McLeod is on a desperate hunt to find her kidnapped daughter Chloe, stolen by her brutal ex-husband and hidden in New Zealand. His drug-dealing past has caught up with him and he's an unstable and dangerous foe but she'll do anything...

>> Read More

Emily's Wish (1 review)
by Cheryl Phipps

Sometimes a wish comes true. Sometimes more than one.
As an author with a great imagination, Emily Richards has the ability to write great stories about love, even if she's never experienced it. She's looking for her birth mother in a small town where everyone wants...

>> Read More

Finding Liam
by Cheryl Phipps

After a string of miscarriages Abby Forth loses her parents and for a while it is too much to bear. Having her devoted husband, Max, by her side helped pulled her out of her depression but their marriage had taken a toll. The intimacy they'd once shared was gone and even...

>> Read More

Hidden in Laguna (1 review, 2 comment)
by Cheryl Phipps

'The one' can sometimes be hidden in plain sight.
Ballet dancer, Tania Patterson had the world at her feet until a terrible accident destroyed her career. Alone and devastated, after her boyfriend deserts her, she finds her way to Laguna beach, determined to start...

>> Read More

Jack and Gill (1 review, 4 comment)
by Cheryl Phipps

An uphill quest for love.

Nearly thirty, over-endowed with curves, and under-endowed with boyfriends, Gillian Shaw's life is not going to plan. Still hopelessly in love with her childhood friend and neighbor Jack Larson--who only sees her as his best pal--she...

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Prossers Bay (1 review, 2 comment)
by Cheryl Phipps

With a new short story to add to this romance series available now, you'll find out just how much Doc loves his town. Read Doc's Town and the first three books in the series at the same time: Finding Liam, Seducing Megan and Saving Stephanie.
Whether you're a new,...

>> Read More

Saving Stephanie (1 comment)
by Cheryl Phipps

The prodigal son has returned to Prossers Bay to care for his father, and Doctor Jamie Morris has no intention of staying longer than necessary. The gossip surrounding his alcoholic mother, which hounded his childhood, has seen to that. But seeing Stephanie again plays havoc...

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Seducing Megan (1 review)
by Cheryl Phipps

In Megan's world she ruled. She had to. With twin five-year-old daughters to support she wasn't planning on letting a man take charge. She wasn't planning on a lot of things and Jordan Lambert was high on that list, no matter how sexy the man was.
As the owner of...

>> Read More

The Millionaire Next Door
by Cheryl Phipps

A woman afraid to trust.
Sacha Prentiss is not interested in men and family are not on her list of priorities. Both seem too damn hard after she catches her now ex-husband in bed with her younger sister and besides, running your own company takes a lot of time. >> Read More

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They're in danger from the Mongrels. Will their relationship be over before it starts?

Can their love surpass the secrets Gabe has and the Mongrels' evil plans?

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