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Alexi Shaw (author)
Chicago Suburbs
Gender: Female


About Me

I'm new to the writing community and am excited for my first book to be published by Blushing Books. Summer's Frost Book One is a part of a series: Love Through the Seasons. Book two is in editing now and due to be released sometime in September!

I live in the Chicago suburbs with my hubby of many, many years, grown children and two amazing grandchildren. I have a long career in healthcare and always had being a writer on my bucket list. I guess I can now cross that one off the list!


I love astrology and follow my horoscope daily, weekly, monthly and love the annual predications!

I love to bake, and of course, anything chocolate is high on my list of favorites!

And finally my whole family are true Chicago Blackhawks fans. We watch every single game and this year we cheered them on all the way to winning the Stanley Cup

Authored Books

Summer's Frost
by Alexi Shaw

Jessica Castle has it all: a successful career as the CEO of the local community hospital, a handsome, adoring husband, and two beautiful daughters. Their idyllic life in the suburbs of Chicago is filled with family outings, backyard barbeques and lots of love. Her life...

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Summer's Frost-The Meltdown
by Alexi Shaw

Jessica and Jack Castle and Dr. Keith and Kristy Anderson are two happily married couples. Right? No, not exactly. Jessica is the CEO of the local community
hospital and Dr. Keith Anderson is the director of the hospital ethics committee. They're embroiled in a hot,...

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